Treat Her Right

Roy Head with some help from S. Goldfarb

I wanna tell you a story
Every man oughta know
If you want a little lovin
You gotta start real slow
She's gonna love you tonight now
If you just treat her right now

Squeeze her real gentle
Gotta make her feel good
Tell her that you love her
Like you know you should
So if you don't treat her right
She won't love you tonight

[12 bars of "hey hey hey hey"]

If you practice my method
Just as hard as you can
You're gonna get a reputation
As a lovin man
And you'll be glad every night
That you treated her right

[12 bars of "hey hey hey hey"]

I wanna tell you a story
Every girl oughta know
If you wanna get a man
Don't go to slow
Get your clothes off fast
Don't try to make it last

You don't need to be true
Just bring a friend or two
He'll be happy as can be
But don't block the TV
And if you bring a cold six pack
He'll be sure to ask you back

[24 bars of "hey hey hey hey"]

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